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Rafael Senna had already started theater at the Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras - CAL. Next to his house was a Templar School named Rosa Cruz of Brazil. Upon learning of drama courses taking place at the place taught by Ramakrisna de Jesus, he began attending classes.  


Day 22 was a school commemorative date and students had to present something for the occasion. He then invited his friend Luis Moraes de Lima Neto to pair up with him. Having already juggled easily, and encouraged by friends who attended the National Circus School, decided to invest in clown and assemble clown numbers.  

On the day of the presentation, while dressing up in the dressing room, the host of the event, Benício Fernandes, asked them the name of the clowns. Rafael with great humor answered:


"- We had so little time to think and rehearse something and you still think we think of names?"


As Luis had the nickname of Ham, Benício did not hesitate and said that the duo would be Muzzarela and Ham and ran to present ...


Born on October 22, 1995, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Muzzarela Clown.



Image of the Muzzarela Clown's face. Clicking on it takes you to his Facebook page
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